We just aren’t us without YOU!

The Renewal Center is in many ways an extension, or more aptly stated, a continuation of the local church. It is a way to regularly engage in meaningful experiences with people from all walks of life. A place to discover ways that we are more alike than different from those that we may not agree with or understand. 

The Renewal Center also has regular meetings full of people who have either been injured by the system of this world or even sometimes the system of the church. They are people who are looking to heal and longing to be reminded of what God sees when God looks at them. That they are his children, made in his very image and likeness. When our church friends attend meetings, they find that the spiritual recovery practices of surrender and acceptance are just as meaningful to them as they are to those healing from alcohol and drug dependencies. 

The Renewal Center is a place to practice what it means to live as whole, healed people who need a place—not to convince anyone of what they believe—but to demonstrate what faith looks like when it’s lived out. 

Here are a few ways you can partner in our community:

  • Host us (or let us host you!) for an event to hear the vision of TRC and the impact it is making for the greater community.
  • Invite us to facilitate a course study for your staff or small group.
  • Consider us for a one-year commitment of a regular monthly donation.
  • Use our cafe or meeting room for meetings and meeting new people. When you meet up with someone for coffee, think of us before you think of Starbucks. We have the best baristas in town who serve up the best brews in town. The coffee, comfort, and ambiance are superior in every way (not that we’re biased).
  • Pay it forward at Re:Bar Cafe. No one leaves us hungry. We serve free meals for friends in the café who are in need.
  • Host a gift card drive. HEB gift cards are extremely helpful in a number of ways. We regularly help people in poverty with gas and groceries, and help offset costs for our residents at the Renewal House for household goods. Hobby Lobby gift cards, or art supplies for community art projects for our youth group and for creative expression during pastoral care meetings are also very helpful.
  • Send a designated offering toward The Renewal House for repairs, expansion, or help with offsetting the cost of living for a resident.
  • Send a designated Christmas offering towards Christmas presents for underprivileged children in low income apartment complexes that we adopt annually.

Support Our Cause

Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.